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Matthias Hambsch

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Mattias Hambsch

Filmmaker and Director

Self description in three words
sports enthusiast, adventure-loving, curious

Your Motto
What matters is the here and now.

Something nobody knows about you
For my work on a documentation about how easy we loose our data at the web i asked professional hackers to attack my digital identity – what also included my Facebook account. Since my friends think i’m the proud owner of a nudist yoga studio in Berlin. If i really am? … never say never.

A perfect day
To sleep in, have a white coffee in the sun and a trip to one of Berlins lakes.

Your favourite town and why
Berlin. Because this is where I find the most free space.

The most emotional project
My work on the documentary “Cyberwar 1.0 – Chasing My Digital Self” – because this topic really matters to me and i never expected it to lead me so far into a world full of curiosity.

Favorite word
I have actually been thinking about this for about 5 minutes now and I do have other stuff to do – sorry!

This job and no other, because…
there is never any routine and I get the insights, I would never get otherwise.


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