Daniel Baar

Producer & Managing Director

Self description in three words
ambitious, straight, perfectionist

Your Motto
Home is where your sweatpants live.

Something nobody knows about you
I have a second job as bush pilot.

A perfect day
Today. Somewhere at the end of the world. Sun is raising, the door of my van is open already, coffee on the fireplace. I do not need luxury. I never needed. That others are made for. I myself love it to be awake, to see the detail and to extend even small moments to step into their microcosm. I don’t need bungee jumps for this.. i’m input addicted, not crazy.. But i like to discover things that are new or that i didn’t take further notice of so far. Easiest way to do so means traveling for me. Somewhere to a beach on Costa Rica’s wild west coast seeing turtles slipping out of their eggs next to my fire place and making their way to the ocean. Somewhere in Southafrica’s wilderness being taught by a guide who to sleepover in a tree without falling down. Or downtown Tokio Japan, surrounded by millions of people in white shirts on their way to work. Here and now that’s my perfect day. If it is not at the end of the world, then in Kreuzberg where i’m sitting in front of my house watching all the other globetrotters exploring the streets of Berlin.

Your favourite town and why
Berlin, as i’m traveling the world only to find out that in the end all i need and love is here.

The most emotional project
Uganda. On behalf of the ZDF Charity Gala and „Bread for the World“ Campaign with a small propeller plane en route in Africa: Landing strips where there aren’t any, then only mud huts and people in a completely different world.

Favorite word

This job and no other, because…
I can’t imagine doing anything other than this.


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