You have an idea of a product or simply want to present your company? Tell us about it. The first meeting helps us to find out, what you and your customers look for and how we can medially deliver your message to them.

In the first research we choose the most efficient marketing methods for your product and therefore offer optimised cost frameworks.

Do you like our approach? So assign us! The form for the placing order is to be found on the last page oft the cost framework.

In order to start off with the media production, we identify the milestones of your project and define together with you the timeframe of the creative process. For this purpose we send you our briefing forms. The more detailed your information to the project start is, the more cost-efficient the workflow is.

Preparation of the concept and moodboard by the creative team. Cast, location, storyline or storyboard will be customized according to your needs. The phase also includes 2 revisions.

Disposition of shooting, animation, text or/and graphics. And now it’s kick off time! Everything should be organized – cast, location, crew. Whether commercial or feature film – everything is possible as long as the budget and organisation tune together.

Production phase: your vision becomes reality and the product is put in the limelight.

Data, data, data. As soon as full HD becomes 4K, it is obvious that data volumes for high quality productions increase rapidly. The expenses related to data security and preparation for the postproduction also change in parallel. One thing is clear: a due care is needed in order to achieve the optimised prerequisite for the perfect result.

Postproduction: the moment, when your idea is awaked to life. Whether as print, animation, fotography or film in 2D or 3D. During this stage stories are made of fragments and products are built of visions.

Final artwork, color correction, voice over and/or sound design round off the process. The purpose here is to create a product, which will fascinate you and your customers. That is the core of our work. This stage also includes 2 revisions!

Fine-tuning and a ribbon conclude the process. Your product is complete and ready to fascinate you and your customers. Our success rate guarantees it!