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Toxic Earth | TRAILER

Toxic Earth | TRAILER

Location: Europe, Africa

Some call it hell – others claim it to be the most poisonous spot on our planet: The African town Agbogbloshie has been built on highly toxic waste that has its origin in the US and Europe. The documentary reveals the garbage mafia behind it. And it shows how normal citizens of the US and Europe become involved without their knowledge

It’s the story of the daily struggle for the survival of many child laborers in one of the most polluted places on our planet. The documentary shows how African environmental activists are fighting against a system that has its origins in Europe and the United States. Because behind the toxic waste that is delivered daily to Agbobloshie, there is a well-organized garbage mafia that acts without regard for losses. The documentary unmasks the backers and follows the toxic scrap on its way across the smuggling roads from Europe to Africa.

It is also a story of hope in a place where there is no hope and a tribute to some of the most extraordinary people who live there – in Agbogbloshie.

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Offshore Giants - 100 km off the coastline a revolution has begun | TRAILER

Offshore Giants – 100 km off the coastline a revolution has begun | TRAILER

Location: Europe

The Story: They are the work of human hands which seem like traces of giants. Far out on the high seas is a world in flux. The green energy revolution has captured Europe and the offshore wind industry dares to take a leap of faith. There is hardly a renewable energy source which provides as much power as offshore wind. Some parks now provide several million households with renewable energies – and the number is increasing. But In the middle of the ocean wind and waves write the laws. It is the eternal battle: man against nature. This documentary shows the most impressive moments from five years of film work on the open sea. From the birth of the first offshore wind parks and their pioneering attempts to the inhuman challenges that the crews have to deal with 100 kilometers off the coast.

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